New Year, new challenges, new books, new bookshelf!

Hello 2011! This is my first post for the year 2011 and I am so excited for more bookish adventures to come! So first off, I decided to challenge myself to:

  • Another quantity book challenge which is 70 books
  • Chuck Palahniuk book challenge!
  • Be more involved with Goodreads/Shelfari/Filipino Book Bloggers community
  • Put up quality book blog posts
  • Read books in my TBR

This day, I started the day right! Last month, we bought a new bookshelf but my parents decided that they will use it (which made me sad) and I shall be contented with the little bookshelves I already have which is this:

This picture was taken last September 2009 (see this post) and see there that it’s small to hold the books and it can no longer hold the books I bought from October to December 2009! Also, the future books I will buy too. So last night, my very generous Mom finally gave in and gave me the new bookshelf! I am so excited to rearrange my books again (because I’m supposed to arrange them per genre in my old bookshelves but I ended up arranging them on how they will fit inside).

I must say that this bookshelf is more spacious compared to the last one. I loved it!

So, how’s the 2011 dealing with you now?

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