‘Dear Jane, Michael has the compass so the picture is for you. Au Revoir.’ — Mary Poppins

WHO HAS NEVER HEARD OF MARY POPPINS? You know, the handsome nice lady… Oppss. Sorry Mary Poppins, I am truly sorry. So here we go, the thing is Mary Poppins is the cranky nurse by the Banks children from Number Seventeen Cherry-Tree Lane. She arrived with a bang that shook and changed the lives of the Banks children namely Jane, Michael, John and Barbara. It’s funny because Mary Poppins is such a very nice and kind lady but she never showed it. She is so cranky and irritable all the time that it will make you bonkers if she became terribly nice to you. Anyway, I love her to bits! This revised edition book of Mary Poppins has twelve chapters, and every chapter is an adventure! My favorites are Laughing Gas, Miss Lark’s Andrew and John and Barbara’s Story!

Laughing Gas — this is the time when Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael visited Mr. Wigg! A chubby, bubbly man who catches the laughing gas when his birthday falls on a Friday where he laughs and laughs until he is filed with Laughing gas and he can’t keep his feet on the ground! I love Mr. Wigg! He’s so bubbly and very entertaining, I wish I there is a man like him — bubbly, bobbing and rolling in the air! Haha, I kid. Here’s an illustration of Mr. Wigg, Jane, Michael and Mary Poppins by Mary Shepard:

Miss Lark’s Andrew — Miss Lark is one of the Bank’s neighbor who they often hear calling his Andrew “Andrew, where are you?”, “Andrew, you musn’t go out without your overcoat!”, or “Andrew, come to Mother!” in a very, very loud voice. You must think that this Andrew is a very spoiled one but let me tell you, Andrew is not a child. He’s a dog! So funny that this Andrew never liked the way Miss Lark treated him (you know, like a King!). He just wanted her to treat him like a normal dog, he has the freedom to roam and do whatever he wants without his maid! Lesson learned: Life is good when it’s just simple with it’s natural freedom and contented with it.

John and Barbara’s Story — John and Barbara are the youngest and they are twins! The story shows the pain of growing up. I cried when they never understood the language of the trees, the sun, the wind and Starling.

This book is so good and full of adventures and accompanied by Mary Shepard’s Illustrations! I totally loved it and it feels like I am one of the Banks children. It’s my first time actually to read a Mary Poppins and I am sorry but I never had the chance to watch Mary Poppins too. Or if ever I did, I don’t remember. I only remember that she is portrayed by Julie Andrews and she reminds me of the Sound of Music. But anyway, I am glad I had a chance to pick this book up! and I’m hoping to pick up another book from the series next time :)


Book #65 for 2010

Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers, Illustrated by Mary Shepard

Bookmarks: 4/4

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