Another round of books!

Hello guys! I’m so happy today because I bought books that I really really like and been looking for these copies for long! I found it all in my favorite bookstore – BOOK SALE!

So yesterday, I’ve visited all the major book stores in Rob Midtown and Mall of Asia because I’m looking for paperback copies of John Green’s books (Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, Abundance of Katherines) but to no avail, I gave up and went to BOOK SALE instead. Actually, it’s my friend, Paula, who saw this big book first. It’s funny because she’s holding the book but then, I snatched it from her and look at it. My eyes are so wide in disbelief! It’s Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth! I thought my eyes are malfunctioning or what (I’m wearing glasses already!). It’s like impossible to have this book (and in this condition) in book sale! I think I’m underestimated my favorite book store!  AND WHAT’S MORE, IT ONLY COST ME P180 (less $5)!

And while browsing for more books (because I can’t leave the book store with only one book, there’s a feeling that there’s something more to find out), specifically the classic books section – my already wide eyes became wide – I saw a copy of Ray Bradbury‘s Fahrenheit 451! I’ve been eyeing this book online (it costs P150) and I’ve been thinking about it because it has yellow highlight marks on pages but it’s awesome because I found a copy on Book Sale and it’s only P40 (less $1)!

Then a while ago, my friend (Paula again) and I visited the Book Sale in Starmall Las Pinas branch and they don’t have any new stocks for the week and as we’re leaving, I caught a sight of a yellow book and the author’s name, Cohn. I STOPPED AND LOOKED AT IT. My eyes are not lying! It’s Rachel Cohn and David Levithan‘s Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List! There’s damage on the dust jacket and some the sides but it’s alright, it can be mended. It only cost me P50!

AND, Manix Abrera’s KikoMachine Komix Blg. 6 is already out but it’s always out of stock whenever visit the book stores! But luckily, they had new stocks the day I went! I found it in Powerbooks Alabang Town Center branch and it only costs P150. It’s worth it, guys! I’ve been a fan and reading Manix Abrera’s comic strips since 2006. I’ve found out about it when his first comic book is featured in Candy Magazine (he works there before) and I’m curious about it and bought a copy!

I met Manix Abrera a couple of times during Summer Komikons and Book Fairs (Visprint booth) and he’s really a humble and funny guy (LOL close?). He also signed all of my copies (except the latest) and I’m looking forward to attend another Summer Komikon! Support Filipino Comic Artists!

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One thought on “Another round of books!

  1. Couldn’t go without commenting on your book buys. That and I love looking at other people’s bookshelves. I so envy you. I have quite literally banned mysely from buying books this year. Money’s kind of tight so it’s the library or bust.

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