The Angel of Music is a humbug.

To tell you the truth, guys, other than the lovely stage plays and familiarity to Danse Macabre and Faust, I have a very limited knowledge about this novel, this famous Broadway play. I thought it is a very romantic, sort of like Romeo and Juliet type of story but it turns out to be a Gothic Novel, a mystery-thriller book. Well not totally a mystery thriller because I didn’t thrilled me in any way.

Gaston Leroux’ way of writing reminds me of Patrick Suskind [because I read his book before this], which uses the third person. It is an easy read. Leroux is the narrator of the story, he investigates the stories and the crimes committed by this mysterious Opera ghost who  haunts every corner of this Paris Opera House who is believed as a ghost but in truth, he exist is flesh. He is a real person but his identity is unknown to the managers and subscribers of the Opera. He also played the role of Christine Daaé’s Angel of Music to be close to her and then fell in love with her but Daaé’s heart belongs to Raoul! What would Raoul do to save Christine from this pretentious Angel of Music? What are reasons why this Opera Ghost do these crimes? Answers lies in this book.

I don’t know what to say but I am quite disappointed with some parts of the book.

1. I thought it is a romantic book because of its very setting – the operas and plays.

2. I have difficulty of imagining the parts of the opera they are in. So I have to watch the movie to appreciate it.

3. I thought Raoul will fight with the Opera Ghost. But he did not.

I may say I am disappointed but I did NOT say I hate it or I don’t like it. It’s just I expected a lot on this book. But who cares? It’s one of the best classics that is successful in film and stage adaptations!

Book #48 for 2010

Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

Bookmark: 2.5/4



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2 thoughts on “The Angel of Music is a humbug.

  1. Haven’t tried this one yet, though I’ve seen countless copies of it in bargain bins sa Book Sale and National. I might give this one a shot if I have the time.

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