Hi guys! It’s almost the end of the spooky month of October but it’s never too late to spend your time celebrating the Halloween! I did NOT celebrate it like other people do, like partying nonstop in some clubs or anything like that but don’t see me as someone who’s so boring that bores holes on the ground just to kill time.

So yesterday, my brothers and I went to Mom’s office to check out their Halloween Trick or Treats. Nah, we’re too OLD to join so I/we volunteered to be the one to give out candies to kids. The theme given to the HR department is TOY STORY! You will see lots of Toy Story characters on tarpaulins and cards! It’s AWESOME.

Welcome to Andy’s room! They managed to gather a lot of toys [the four BARBIEs there are MINE] and to improvise a bed made of BOXES! Ha-ha, some kid there jumped and ruined the whole thing. Heh. Actually, I tried to sleep on the bed and roll over. I feel like a kid all over again!

Look at the bags of candies I have for this kids! I wish I have a lots of this for myself!

After giving away these candy loot bags, we spent our time to be the ones who will go around to see other department’s surprises! They have Harry Potter, Pixar’s UP, PLANTS VS ZOMBIES and SUPERHEROES!

I don’t know if I am channeling Mr. Fredricksen or Charice Pempengco.

It’s all in the photos! and you can see how much we had fun with this kind of event. We’re like kids again! <3

Another, I just found  these pictures! We had series of photobooth pictures from ‘OH SNAP!’


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2 thoughts on “TREATS OR TREATS!

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  2. Elaine Lazaro on said:

    ishay yung hair ni jezer parang si ezcer eusebio ;p

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