Hello guys. It’s been a week without any updates or post here primarily because I have been quite busy doing nurse-related things and trainings and I have to set aside and stop reading Ender’s Game at the middle of the book [which totally a terrible thing to do] and also not to go online or update this book blog. So much for absorbing nurse-related knowledge for future use.

I attended a training for Basic Intravenous Therapy Training for nurses where I/we will learn how to insert IV Cannula and IV fluids/medications, Blood Transfusions, and Total Parenteral Nutrition which are important procedures done in a hospital setting.

In three days training, we learned all of these and I have to memorize by heart the step by step procedures for the return demonstration on the last day [I stayed up late just to study!]. We also have to insert IV cannula to each other [first on dummies] and I was all afraid because I never been hospitalized and never been inserted an IV line/cannula ever! The veins on the dorsal par of my hand are sort-of difficult to find and MaJo [my partner] inserted it but no backflow of blood, so she have to explore deeper to hit the target vein and it is so PAINFUL that I am already TEARY-EYED while she go inserting the needle more. She hit it and the blood came out, I exclaimed, ‘THANK GOD’.

Then it’s my turn, nothing special because I hit my partner’s vein because her’s are easy to find compared to mine. Good thing for her because she experience IV Cannula insertion before. Oh well.

So after that, I still not able to read the Ender’s Game because I am too exhausted to function and sleep the whole morning of Sunday. Then Monday, I came to meet up with my cousins and also to vote for Barangay Election [which is a total disaster – the heat, the throng]. Funny because two of my cousins whom I lend my books returned the hard bounded books and I PANICKED because I have books bought this week and the last, and I don’t know where to put it all!

Dani returned me Dan Brown books [The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons] and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke which I lent her earlier this year. Funny, she only finished Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and half of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell.

And then, Ate Angie returned to me Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, she also gave me Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island [plus the big movie poster] which I won at New Worlds earlier this year and she picked it up for me. Hurrah! See the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows there? She lent me her copy! OH YAY!


The the rest of the books there are bought on Book Sale for the last two weeks [I know! I don’t update!]

I got a hard bound copy of How to Live with a Neurotic Dog by Steven Baker for P40 ($1!), a guide book of tips for Cats [not in the picture], Ha Jin’s The Crazed, and a random pick, Garth Stein’s How Evan Broke his Head and Other Secrets for P5!

Oppsss. Mom’s mad actually because I got books again. Well, I have to fix my bookshelves again.

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2 thoughts on “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ‘TOO LATE’ [an update]

  1. Hi Isay!

    I suggest you go and read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” because the movie will be released this November (as if you don’t know that). Then on the “Shutter Island because of its gripping mystery and surprising ending. Please don’t watch the movie of that book yet as it will reveal too much about the plot of the book. I love both the book and the film.

    Cheers, Isay! ;D

    • Hello jzhunagev! I am so excited to read the last Harry Potter book but I still not yet read the 6th book. I’ll be getting a copy and read it all before the movie release [oh, wish me luck] and with the Shutter Island, I watched the movie already :( which is totally my mistake to watch before reading. I loved the movie but I hope I’ll appreciate and love the book more! :)


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