Hi there! I forgot to blog about the books I’ve bought two weeks ago [meh, I always remember whenever I’m offline but never remembered when I’m online. WEIRD]. I just got home from school [because I have to pick-up some document] and Mall of Asia – Book Sale / Books For Less. I’m a sucker for cheap and bargain books and I RARELY buy new books [I’m still poor].

I found another Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum [Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz] two weeks ago and I immediately grabbed it. It’s been months since I found an old copy of the series. I long to complete the 14 books of Wizard of Oz! Another one is Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic: Daja’s Book, which is the 3rd book of the series. I only read the first one which is Sandry’s book way back high school and I’m glad I’m reading again Young Adult novels [tho I am not Young adult anymore ;_;]

Today, I found an audio book of Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach. I don’t know why I bought it [and I read it already]. Found at Book Sale for P45. I found an Orson Scott Card book there but I hid it. Ugh. I was thinking of buying the High Fidelity at Books For Less that’s why I didn’t bought it. I wish I bought it.

I went to Books for Less MOA branch because I was planning to buy the old copy of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity there but I got frustrated with it’s price [P290+, it’s not a reasonable price!!!] and looked for other books instead. So I found this Amelia Hits the Road for P89 and Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean for P98!

Oh, I just remembered my promise last Sunday. Because something happened last Sunday [big secret but not really a top secret but I chose it to be a secret ha-ha] and..

Yeah, I said I will not buy books. No specific date til when. But I broke my promise after two days. This is not good.

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  1. Your planning to collect Amelia’s notebook? and by the way why is it you bought that Roald Dahl’s book, I’m going to MOA tomorrow. Aw.

    • Yeah, I kind of enjoyed it! It’s like a girl version of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid! :) Good luck with your book hunt at MOA! Ha-ha. Hope you find something cool, because I didn’t find something when I dropped by yesterday :)

  2. I love it when I can buy good books for a lesser price. I really don’t mind even if it’s second-hand. :) Good luck on your self-control and happy reading!

  3. Bargain books are heaven! Most of them are really old/collector’s item and 1st editions. Thanks for dropping by nurseblublu! Oh, I’m a nurse too! :)

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