“You’re so oral. You’ll never make it to genital! The most you can ever hope for is to reach anal, you immature frigid, old maid!” -Natalie Finch, Running with Scissors

I don’t know how am I going start to tell you how wicked and hilarious this book is. First of all, Running with Scissors tells us the early adolescent life of this wannabe-movie-star Augusten Burroughs. Oh yes, this is his memoir.

He started off telling us his life when he was 12 years old. His mother is a poem writer and who goes on poetry recitals invitations while his father, a professor and an unbelievable drunkard. And Augusten… he fancy shiny things like his precious rings, silver decorations, and totally obsessed with his hair and accessories. He daydreams about being a STAR! He always believe that he has the “star potential” [Oh, by the way, he watch TV way too much. He knows everything, from characters to soundtracks. Insane]. He dressed up to impersonate his mother while doing a recital at home.

I am so confused with all these things, so it turned out that he is GAY.

His parents fight a lot. Uh, really fight, as in it involves flying things. So in the end, they separated. Since his mother is going through mentally challenges, she consulted Dr. Finch, a psychiatric doctor, who soon adopted Augusten as his son in his not-so-likely-doctor’s house with his sons and daughters, as well as PATIENTS. It’s insane! It’s like living with mental patients in there. Yeah, how can you stay with people who have messy house [take note: cockroaches and feces everywhere] and inhabitants eats DOG FOOD and psychotic drugs [like it is a candy]?! Well, yeah, Augusten thought this is disgusting but he had no choice but to live there and adapt their ways. And oh, Augusten had a relation with a pedophile and an adopted son of Dr. Finch, and yes, also his patient.

“The line between normal and crazy seemed impossibly thin. A person would have to be an expert tightrope walker in order not to fall.“

You know, what really amused me with this book? Dr. Finch children uses medical jargons! It’s hilarious that they incorporated these defense mechanisms and psychotic drugs in their vocabulary. Especially when Natalie and Hope are fighting. Ha-ha. Sometimes, it makes me think if these Dr. Finch’s children are in the verge of insanity.

Just like any memoir, it has a controversy [as claimed by the so-called Dr. Finch] that this books is exaggerated and fabricated AND defamed their name and family whom undergone emotional distress. Well yeah, Dr. Finch is a mad, mad man [if you read the book, he is the one who’s crazy – with all those “God is communicating with him through his feces” and those “rules are non-existent in his house”]. They filed a case against Burroughs.

“I’m not at all sorry that I wrote [the book]. And you know, the suit settled– it settled in my favor. I didn’t change a word of the memoir, not one word of it. It’s still a memoir, it’s marketed as a memoir, they’ve agreed one hundred percent that it is a memoir.“

—Augusten Burroughs on the Running With Scissors settlement

The next editions now had Author’s notes and Acknowledgements.

I don’t really care much if this one is a fraud or not. But I believe it’s not. I always believe that some psychiatric doctors can be abusive to their patients [take Billy Milligan’s case] and can be madly insane. There are possibilities that this one is true. and aside from that, this book really entertained me, totally hilarious! I don’t know but sibling fights and those use of medical jargons really makes me laugh.

I think you should read this. It’s funny and a frakking mental one.

Book #43 for 2010

Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs

Bookmark: 3.5/4

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2 thoughts on ““You’re so oral. You’ll never make it to genital! The most you can ever hope for is to reach anal, you immature frigid, old maid!” -Natalie Finch, Running with Scissors

  1. I love Augusten’s work. He’s an amazingly talented and witty writer. I just picked up “You Better Not Cry” and can’t wait to dig into it.

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