Suck at life, man? Worry no more! For here is a life expert guy named Bartholomew J. (J for Jenius) Simpsons who will give you a jam-packed book of illustrated and organized guidelines how to live your life… like Bart. Ha-ha. Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life is broken down into chapters or topics very relevant to life, this 10-year old kid [I don’t know if you still consider him 10 by now] loaded this book with his humorous advices on how to skip school [cheating and forgery – You know how kids hate going to school], how to have a balance diet of donuts, chocolates and candies [this is heaven, man], how to deal with your parents and how to raise your allowance without getting spanked [this is the most relevant part! You’ll never know if this thing works, if it will, LUCKY YOU] and how to ANNOY your parents [this is awesome. Effective!]. Aside from advices, he also offered long list of hilarious trivias accompanied with illustrations [either from the TV Show or exclusively for this book ]!

Word of advice: If you’ve been a Simpson’s fan, especially Bart’s, GET A COPY. You will absolutely will hell love this book! Loaded with jokes and funny illustration that will tickle you. I got this cheap in an online book store for P180, an almost brand new copy! Such a steal. I love it because it’s illustrated [colorful], the paper is glossy and it is a hardback edition! This makes me want to collect Simpsons’ memorabilia.. Let’s see if I can do it :)

Book # 39 for 2010

Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life by Matt Groening

Bookmark: 3.5/4

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