It’s no secret that I am the very last Muggle who haven’t finished reading the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Good thing that I finished reading the 5th book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, even though my mother don’t want the books inside the house. So since everybody already knew what the hell happened in the book, I’ll just share to you some my thoughts about… Professor Umbridge.

Professor Dolores Umbridge, the one who is the new professor for Defense against Dark Arts and the Senior Undersecretary of Ministry of Magic. She sounds very respectful and nice but no, she is one of the worst fictional character I met in my whole life. Ever. I hate her more than how I hate Voldemort.

She made Harry’s life at Hogwarts miserable as well as the life of other students! Man, she isn’t just pesky, she is also an incompetent teacher! Students are not allowed to practice Dark Arts at Hogwarts and they only study the theories. What the hell? She only use her position and her back-up [Cornelius Fudge] to abuse the students, the Hogwarts professors and Dumbledore! Good thing, she got what she deserve in the end. I feel very happy about!

I may feel happy about what happened to Umbridge [yeah, I’m bad like that], I still feel bad, really bad about Sirius Black. I shed a lot of tears, no, I cried buckets of tears about his loss! He’s one of my favorite characters!

You know, I haven’t read the book 6 and I am praying to God that Sirius Black will be back. That all those veil thing is a whole joke and just a plain prank. But no, I cried more last night when I asked my friend Jasmine if Sirius will be back at book 6 or 7, she said NO. Oh well, I feel like I’m Harry and he is my godfather. I feel miserable til now. That’s why I haven’t bought the next book, because I know, I can’t handle another death. I know, I can’t.

P.S. To all readers, how did you handle this news?

P.P.S. Please comfort me, guys.

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