I totally can feel my feet right now

I just came back from my trip to the Professional Regulation Commission Office in Morayta and at the Manila International Book Fair. For two days of walking around and seeing a lot of books, I now feel my feet sore.

Day One:

My friends (Bianca and Paula) came and woke me up around 9:30am. They saw me at my worst and unprepared — Who cares anyway? Then we went to Mall of Asia as soon as I got dressed. We ate our brunch there so our bodies will be energized to walk around the halls of the book fair and catch up with each other while eating (it’s been a while). Bianca left us early after our brunch because she had an appointment (which she almost forgot to do).

These are our obligatory nothing-is-wrong-with-our-faces edition

We entered heaven (ehm, the book fair) around noon. I want to thank Adarna House for giving a free entrance for the book fair – we didn’t have to fall in line for tickets, we just showed a print-out (ticket) to enter. I was palpitating and hyperventilating with the sight of the stalls and books! Man, we don’t know where to start! But anyway, we had fun and we meet a mysterious man with a color violet shirt.

Do you know him?

Oh yeah! Paula and I met again with our cyber buddy, the mysterious guy — Ian! Ooopps! I mean, Kwesi from Shelfari’s Flip Flipping Pages! We met him earlier this year when we invited him to visit a book warehouse and now we met again!

We also met Blooey from Sumthinblue.com but I wasn’t able to take a picture with her.

What an exhausting day! We are walking around for almost 4 hours but we’re grateful to be part of the this wonderful event this year. We’ve been looking forward to this every year so it’s worth of the shoulder pain (due to the heaviness of my book loot), sore feet (for walking around) and flat tummy (for forgetting to eat).

So these are the books I bagged for Day 1. Not totally a bunch of books because I was enjoying too much browsing books then I don’t know which to buy first.

Day 2:

I went to the book fair with my Dad after finishing my duties at the PRC office. I decided to treat Dad and buy him the book he wanted which is Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now and a cook book!

I bought myself a copy of Joshua Harris’ new book Dug Down Deep for half a price! We only visited the Christian Book Stalls because those where the ones my dad is looking forward and he wanted to see OMF lit’s booth and the radio jocks from the radio station 702 DZAS.

And I got a Where’s Wally Book freebie from National Book Store! Yay!

What an awesome experience :)

*I don’t have the pictures of the stalls. I’m so busy looking at the books

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One thought on “I totally can feel my feet right now

  1. i’m totally envious! sana may book fair din sa province, hehe. buti nalang may booksale branch din dito sa amin. enjoy your loot! by the way, i’m gonna add you na in my blogroll ha?

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