Remember, The Enemy’s Gate is Down!

I know to myself that I’m not a sci-fi reader or anything related to spaceships, solar system and aliens. I didn’t grew up with Star Wars or Star Trek even. When I was a kid, I find it absurd to believe on things like those so, I never gave it a chance. After Ender’s Game review from Carina, I think I’ll give it a chance (I trust Carina’s taste on books, you know) and luckily found a copy of Ender’s Shadow by the same author!

Ender’s Shadow is another book from Orson Scott Card after his best-selling popular book, Ender’s Game. It is NOT a series, just like the author’s foreword said, it is a companion or parallel book, or in literary term, a Parallax. So, it’s no more a problem if you didn’t read the Ender’s Game book. Because the book Ender’s Shadow alone works best in telling its story. Let me introduce you to Bean, a homeless kid of 4 years in a body that looks like a 2-year-old kid that observes the life in the streets of Rotterdam in order to survive. A Precocious kid that taught himself to think fast, read and of course, get food to live. His extraordinary capabilities are noticed by Sister Carlotta and sent him to the Battle School, where smart kids with extraordinary skills and abilities are brought to train for the future war with the Buggers (yes, aliens). As space-time pass, Bean developed the sense of relationship, learned to trust people which is totally unknown to him (since he’s a street-smart kid, he really don’t trust anyone, even the teachers). Card made us feel what Bean feels and as read what Bean thinks. This is a heart-warming story of courage, leadership, and trust/love for family and friends.

It took me almost two weeks to read this book, understandably because it is a thick and long book. The downside for me is that, I lack imagination to things like spaceships and asteroids because I don’t have a background on these. But I tried my best to re-read the parts and imagine what is totally going on in their battle. In the end, it’s an easy read, actually. You will be attached to the characters like I did. I adore Bean! :)

I highly recommend this to you, readers! It’s worth it.

To hold your stupidity inside you is to embrace it, to cling to it, to protect it. But when you expose your stupidity, you give yourself the chance to have it caught, corrected, and replaced with wisdom. Be brave, all of you, like Nero Boulanger, and when you have a thought of such surpassing ignorance that you think it’s actually smart, make sure to make some noise, to let your mental limitation squeak out some whimpering fart of a thought, so that you have a chance to learn.” – Dimak

Book #36 for 2010

Bookmarks: 3.5/4

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7 thoughts on “Remember, The Enemy’s Gate is Down!

  1. Hello. I’m a new member of the Filipino Book Bloggers and currently on the process of getting to know all the member. I’ve read Ender’s Game and I devoured it. I even book pushed it to some members of the Goodreads Filipino community. I am looking forward to reading this as Bean is my favorite character in Ender’s Game. He is this shadow and underdog of Ender that you can’t help but feel compassion for him. He is brilliant, yes but he is still just a kid, just like Ender. I feel bad for both of them that their innocence is taken away at such a very young age.

    And about the problems on imagining spaceships and stuffs, I suggest you to play video games– Xbox, PSP, Nintendo or whatever. It will help you imagine those techie stuffs easily. Believe me, sci-fi is one of my favorite genre.

    • Hello Aaron Vincent! Welcome to FBB :)

      Since I did liked this book, no doubt that I am too looking forward reading Ender’s Game! I think, it’s about Ender, right?

      Talking about video games, what kind of games exactly? I played some Marvel vs. Capcom and Tekken in my childhood years but I think that is not really connected with spaceships, right? I’m such a loser when it comes to spaceships and galaxies.

      • I’m guessing, yes. Although since you already know how the story will go, I think you’ll not be as surprise as you would be on the twists of the story. Yes, it’s basically the same story seen on Ender’s perspective.

        Well, you can go for Bioshock or Red Mass for Mars, for starters. Or perhaps, you can try watching sci-fi movies or series instead. You know those stuffs like Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, etc.. Those are good ones.

  2. I’ll find a copy for Ender’s Game as soon as possible. :D Thanks for the suggestion, Aaron Vincent! I’ll try to watch them, hoping not to be bored with those stuff :)

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