Wooden Shelves

Oh hey! I just want to share with you a picture of my bookshelves in my bedroom. I just rearranged it neatly a while ago since it’s been messy for many weeks, with books stacked on the floor and on the desk which made my mom furious every time she enter my room. My parents called my room an extension of the book warehouse I often visit with a friend. Well, yeah, most of my books (those I read already, and also the manga volumes) are inside the plastic boxes with the nursing books so the room will have some space to walk on.

This is my bookshelves that I got only this March because I kept on ranting about having no bookshelves in my room and Mom’s angry with the number of books at home. Thank God they bought me this shelves albeit it’s only a three-row shelves and only holds less 150 books.

On the shelves are my graphic novels and some hardbound books. Please don’t pay attention to the Twilight book — it’s given by Powerbooks last June so I can’t really discard it as a trash. On the right side are my newly-bought books and of course, haven’t read them yet.

On the first two rows houses my Children’s books/series (like the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Captain Underpants, Series of Unfortunate Events, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Roald Dahl books, etc), paperback comics (KikoMachine Komiks, Trese and Elmer), Gaiman books, and some classics. Lastly on the last row are some of my fiction books – on the left are already read and on the right are to-be-read – which are totally unclassified. I just put them there so I can easily find books next to read.

I put all the collected short stories books I have and I’m giving it a shot.

I never finished one before but I started Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors but I end up reading another book. I’m reading these next. Or maybe after reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

So what’s on your bookshelf? You can send your bookshelf photo and describe it – in my email triciagervacio [at] gmail [dot] com!

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3 thoughts on “Wooden Shelves

  1. Pretty shelves! :) I love seeing other people’s shelves. My shelves are a complete mess right now because of the flood last year,plus my books doesn’t fit there anymore. ^^ Must purge. I have an old picture of my shelf here, when it wasn’t overflowing yet: http://www.refineme.org/twenty-two-2/ :) Now it’s all over the place!

    Anyway, I also put the unread books at the top of the shelf, then my favorites on the next level. :)

    Now that I realize it, I’m going to fix my shelves tomorrow since it’s a holiday. I can do that, I think. :D

    • Hi Tina! Your shelves are pretty cool, huh? Your books are colorful too! So how are you going to re-arrange your shelves now? I wondering to re-arranged mine again too! I don’t know if alphabetical or by genre! :)

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