Random Misadventures

So yesterday, I was out with my friend, Hanna Pacheco, to go to Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) in Malate, Manila to pay for our Oath-Taking Tickets and Membership fee. We met around 5:30 AM (very early!) at school because we expected to be on the firsts on the line there but no, we’re wrong! It’s a blockbuster queue line! We’re 3 blocks away (not just houses, but buildings) and numbered #623. The security guard there told those on #600+ to be back around lunch so for the sake of killing time, we went to PRC office in Morayta, Manila and just the same, the queue lines are crazy! No success of getting anything done so we went back again to PNA.

We’re walking down the street of Malate when I glanced over a store window – BOOKS! I was like tired all morning but then I became energized because I saw a bookstore near PNA. So I asked my friend if we could drop by before we head home, so we did! It’s a BOOK SALE branch pala, I didn’t saw their signboard. So, I’m glad I don’t have to go Mall of Asia that day just to drop by.

I don’t know why, but I was so excited to go inside like I never ever been inside a bookstore. Do you ever had that feeling? I do, most of the time. I raided the books there! Man, most of them are P20 books! I saw copies of the book I wanted to buy online and in bookstores before, so at last, I have it now. I always wanted to find books in cheaper prices.

I found a cheap mint copy of The Secrets of a Fire King by Kim Edwards for only P20 (less than a dollar, baby!) and Catch as Catch Can by Joseph Heller for P75! Both of these books are collections of short stories and I think this will help me read more books of collected stories. I have 3-4 books of collected stories on my to-be-read pile but I never had chance to read them yet so maybe, it’ll be great if I’ll be reading one of them next!

You may ask why, out of many cheap books there, I only bought two. Actually, there are so many good books there but I can’t buy too much because my parents will find out I’m buying books again. They don’t want me to, especially now that they know that Manila International Book Fair is near. I’m saving money for MIBF, too.

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