The Odds are in my favor!

The long wait is over! Blessings came overflowing and God is so good for giving me these opportunities and blessings! Aside from Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins is released and having my own copy and a free shirt and also the launching party on the 29th (obviously, I’m super excited about this), the two-month wait for the board exams results is finally released today (August 27, 2010)! I’m the first one (I think) to break the news to my batchmates over facebook. They are excited too, you know.

I was screaming, palpitating and crying while scrolling down to find my name of the G page of the website and I’m so nervous, really, I will be crazy if my name is not on the list, but I will not be because MY NAME IS ON THE FRAKKING LIST OF THE NEW REGISTERED NURSES!

This is the screencap of the list on the website. I just can’t help it but THANK GOD for the reward after all the hardships and sacrifices during my student life and the review. It’s just awesome that God is always there to guide us and Thank You because it’s not only me who passed but also my friends (Hello there SJDECIANs! We made it!). This is the best birthday gift to me, my nurse license.

You can see the rest of the results here [link]

To God be the Glory!

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