It’s still the Best of Both Worlds!

Everyone knows Miley Cyrus, right? She started off when she auditioned for the lead role for Hannah Montana Series from Disney Channel and that’s the start of her fame as an actress, as well as a singer just like his father, Billy Ray Cyrus (don’t forget his ‘Don’t Break My Heart, Achy Breaky Heart’ song). Hannah Montana series started year 2006 and I’ve been looking forward watching it before because the show is really funny and Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart’s character is funny, out-going and so teenager-ish. Living a double life is the main story of the series wherein Miley Stewart is hiding her secret that she is most famous singer, Hannah Montana.

Anyway, I got the chance to watch this movie last night and I really liked it! Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) came to visit her hometown Crowley Corners, Tennessee with his father (Billy Ray Cyrus) to visit her grandma but then she don’t want to miss any Hannah Montana Event in the city. She knows the Best of Both Worlds, she always get what she wants but this time, she has to pick only one.

This is not one of the crappy-trying so hard films of Miley Cyrus, in this movie she is consistent with the simple and bubbly character of Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart that I liked from the start of the series. And I don’t find Hannah Montana songs ridiculous, actually, it’s catchy and I tried to dance with she sang “Hoedown Throwdown”! Another thing that interested me is that Taylor-Swift-You-Belong-With-Me guy Lucas Till played as his leading love interest! He’s such a cutie but it’s weird that he has a really, really low voice. And he dance well too.

So, I recommend this to you to watch. It’s a family movie! You’ll laugh, You’ll sing and dance with it and it will also make you cry. Yes, I cried when Miley and her father sang “Butterfly Fly Away”. The lyrics is touchy and I cried badly. Sorry. :)

Disclaimer: I just want to clear out that I like Hannah Montana but it doesn’t mean that I like Miley Cyrus.

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