No, Shrek is an ogre. I’m a GIANT!

Tall Story by Candy Gourlay (Book #33 for 2010)

Bookmarks: 4/4

I got my copy from a giveaway in this post and the time I finished the book I’m reading, I immediately started reading it, which is last night. Unfortunately, I have a terrible headache that kept me til midnight and I have to put down the book. But anyway, I started reading the book non-stop this morning and I really loved it! I related to the book because it mentions couple of medical terms and what’s more, Andi/Bernardo’s parents are nurses! I’m a nurse too!

Tall Story is a lightening story of relationships – family, friends and community that is most common in our culture in the Philippines. Andi, a kid from London who’s mother is a Filipino and an English Father, she is excited on the idea of his half-brother from the Philippines will be living with them! She imagined that it would be great to be someone’s little sister but her expectations are too much that the time Bernardo, his half-brother came. She was too disappointed to the fact that everything is like freakish, and he is not just a tall guy, he is a GIANT with a height of 8 feet!

The story is warming because most of us Filipinos are experiencing nostalgic memories with people who are far and living from the other side of the globe. I remembered my tita and cousins in USA, which I really missed a lot. We only communicate through emails and calls. I recommend this book not only to kids or young readers but to everyone. It will capture your smiles, laughter and tears as the story of Bernardo unfolds, how he became a hero and how the miracle works in their lives. Bernardo has an amazing story to tell.

Candy Gourlay, the Filipino author of this book and a freelance writer to different newspapers/magazine such as Asia Magazine and Asiaweek is now living with her husband and three children in London.

Tall Story by Candy Gourlay is now available in Amazon and Book Depository. Get your copies now!

Visit the book’s website for more details:

Credits: Pictures from the Tall Story Website

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