Piece of Cake!

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More by Roald Dahl (Book #32 for 2010)

Bookmarks: 3.5/4

This is not like any other book that Roald Dahl has written. I’m not as giddy when I’m reading it at first as I am when reading I was reading Matilda or the Witches. Maybe because this book aims older readers or teenagers as Roald Dahl’s website indicated (I’m still thinking I’m still a kid and a teenager but no, I’m already done with the stage ha-ha). I found this book on a Book Sale branch in SM Southmall for a cheap price of P45 and I’m so glad for having another Dahl book for my collection! Little by little, I’m to complete all of his books!

This book is a collection seven fiction/nonfiction stories — The Boy Who Talked with Animals, The Hitch-Hiker, The Mildenhall Treasure, The Swan, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, Lucky Break and A Piece of Cake.

I thought I’m not going to like this book because I find it boring at first but I was completely wrong! It really interested me when I started reading The Hitch-hiker story which is a story of a fingersmith and I liked the most is Henry Sugar’s story — It is a story with a story within a story! You get what I meant to say? Within the story, it tells the story of a man seeing without using his eyes, the quest of that man on looking for a yogi master and as well as the effect of that story to the life of Henry Sugar! He’s a modern Robin Hood who took money from casino using his abilities and donate money to the orphanages! I also enjoyed the two non-fiction stories Lucky Break and A Piece of Cake which is in account of Roald Dahl’s experience in school and war which is also told on his book Boy and Going Solo.

Out of 22 Roald Dahl children’s books I know, 11 more to look for!

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