Katniss… still on fire?

It took me a lot of courage before I picked up the second book of The Hunger Games that has been sitting on my bookshelves for more than two months since my cousin, Dani, lent it to me. I know I really loved the Hunger Games but I can’t hide the fact the dreadful feeling I had whenever the thought of tributes being killed in the arena, as well as the evilness of President Snow. I promised also to myself that I am not to read Catching Fire until the release of the Mockingjay is near. Since its only weeks before the official release, I decided to gather all the courage and show myself as one of the tributes.

Disclaimer: If you haven’t yet read this, or still not finished reading it. Stop here. There might be spoilers in here!

As I expected, I don’t have any clue what’s going to happen next. I didn’t know that there will be another round of Hunger Games, which they call Quarter Quell – it happens every 25th year. As rule, victors will become mentors just like Haymitch but everything changed whatever President Snow wanted. All the victors for the past years are battling each other in the arena! What shocker! It caught me off guard. And the gamemakers are new so it means the arena is new also – with new mutts, a beach and other obstacles that challenged the tributes. What might these tributes might face? The thought of this really scares me to death.

Since the announcement of the Quarter Quell, I felt really bad for Prim! Its only 9 months since the last reaping! They barely had time to rest and bond with Katniss. I also felt afraid and all because if I’m in Katniss’ shoes, I don’t think I’ll face the victors in the arena, or I will go crazy. I didn’t slept well last night because I stopped at the page the time before Katniss went to the arena, Cinna was dragged and hit by Peacekeepers. What a nightmare! I can’t believe that the Capitol will do that to him! Everything comes unexpected — Katniss and Peeta’s wedding, the upraisings and the twist of getting Katniss alive from the arena in the end. Secrets are revealed, there may be District 13, but what happened to District 12? Questions rose as I go on but left me hanging. What a nice cliffhanger! I can’t wait to have Mockingjay in my hands!

Book #29 for 2010

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Bookmarks: 4/4

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One thought on “Katniss… still on fire?

  1. hmm. well, obviously there was going to be another hunger games as it is held every year. the surprise was the quarter quell, the third of which we witnessed in CATCHING FIRE. i’d be lying if i said i expected it, but i figured that katniss would have to be very involved in the hunger games again because she is our lead character.

    i thought CATCHING FIRE was a great follow-up to HUNGER GAMES because it leveled everything up. the stakes were higher, and the tension was … well, more tense.

    i can’t wait for MOCKINGJAY to arrive.

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