Crack Up

A Million Little Pieces is a half nonfiction/memoir and half fiction in account of James Frey’s experience life as an Alcoholic, Drug User, Drug Dealer, Criminal and a Rehab Patient.

James Frey woke up wasted and feeling sick in an unknown airplane with unknown destination. He met his parents at the airport and brought him at a Treatment Center (undeniably, the Hazelden System). He told that he started to drink liquor at the age of ten, blacked out, smoked crack, meth, glue, rock, whatever illegal drugs that came at hand to him. He lived for drugs, alcohol and whores. He wasted his life on these. He made significant damages to his body and he thinks he deserves more than this. He deserves to die. He wanted to die that is why he is resistant to the treatment — the 12 steps — because it involves God which he don’t believe that exist. As time pass by, he learned to make friends (he never had before), to fall in-love (seriously, with an in-mate woman named Lilly) and to sober up to see his bright future.

It sparked a controversy when he was interview by Oprah Winfrey in her show Oprah and she was ‘duped’ by his book! Investigations came to dig what really happened. Some says that 98% of the book is fiction or false and only 5% is true or what really happened. Anyway, Frey never hid the fact the he did fabricated some details in the book to make his character tougher (Read the Author’s Note in the book). But anyway, though The Smoking Gun people investigated the matter, but there are still Frey’s supporters that made him remembered through his book. But for me, one memoir should be remembered because the author’s real experiences and abilities not fabrications.

Despite this controversies, investigations, it gives hope to people, especially the wasted one that everyone can sober up. Just hold on. Albeit Frey did not believe in God, God is there to intervene and made his life better.

I can testify a life of a drug addict. My dad. He’s been using and selling drugs – shabu/meth, marijuana when he was in high school and until he had a family. He sold most of things and almost ruin our family. My grandma and my mom brought him to a treatment center in Bicutan. It’s a sad thing that I didn’t have my father by my side when I was a kid. But I became strong and I prayed that one day, he’ll be sober and our family will be together again. Its been a tough one for dad. He’s out of the rehab but he still come back to his vices. How did he change? Not totally because of rehab, but because he started coming closer to God. We became active in church and he’s active. God changed his life momentarily. And now he’s sober for more that 10 years. How cool is that?

No matter how hopeless people can be. There may seem no hope, but as long as you believe and hold on. It is not impossible. God is there, though you may not know or not notice. He is there.

Book #28 for 2010

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

Bookmarks: 3/4

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