Enter his magical world!

WHO WOULDN’T KNOW ROALD DAHL? Who wouldn’t know Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka? Matilda and Ms. Trunchbull? Mr. and Mrs. Twit? George and his grandmother with dog’s bottom-like lips? the Witches? Mr. Fox? Henry Sugar? the Minpins? If you haven’t, you’re missing the half of your life!

I’ve read couple of his books just last year! I’m such a loser for not knowing Roald Dahl when I was a kid! I was busy reading Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley Twins and Baby-Sitter’s Club all of my elementary years. But good thing, I am able to read his books over and over and over and over and over again! My most favorite book of Dahl is Matilda and I also love its movie! I even bought a VCD copy of it. Mom loved it also because she love to laugh at Ms. Trunchbull!

Anyway, I had a new book for my Dahl collection which found at a Book Sale branch here in Las Pinas and I never gave second-thought on buying it. I snatched it before someone else can have it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I read it in one sitting last night because I really missed reading Dahl books! Its an A-Z fun fact about Roald Dahl, his books, his family and his pets! It’s a fun that he hates cats and love dogs! He has a pet named Chopper who he is always with. It mentioned also his lucky work for Cadbury! You know, the chocolates!! He really love chocolates! He wouldn’t eat any chocolate-flavored cakes/food but only chocolate! Because of this, he created the story about Charlie Bucket and the chocolate factory!

It also have facts about the Illustrators and Illustrations! His favorite Illustrator is Quentin Blake!

You’ve got to read this! You’ll know everything about Dahl and his works!

Book #27 for 2010

D is for Dahl: A Gloriumptious A-Z guide to the World of Roald Dahl by Wendy Cooling, Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Bookmark: 4/4

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