Be Careful What You Wish For…

Coraline (2009) is an award-winning stop-motion 3D movie directed by Henry Selick and based on the fantasy/horror children’s novel by a British author named Neil Gaiman (and under the same title, Coraline).

I had this book last year and I became excited when I heard that this novel is having a movie! Well, I thought they are showing this movie on Philippine Cinema but I lost track of it and I wasn’t even sure if it is really showed in movie houses here. So I happen to catch this movie aired on HBO couple of days ago and I was all giddy and screaming because I really wanted to watch this movie!

Presenting Coraline (Dakota Fanning), an adventurous girl that is often ignored by her oh-so-I-am-busy-DND-me parents and since their new old house is pretty isolated, she happened to explored the vicinity of their new old-place/house in a Queen Ann Style with an empty creepy almost cemetery-like garden. She met Wybie (Robert Bailey, Jr) because he is stalking Coraline and then gave her a doll – which is really a nice and accurate of Coraline. She explored the house, she discovered a small door on the wall – but behind it is just a brick wall on a daylight. But during the night, mices (or rather the jumping mices) went to Coralines room and she decided to know where these mices come from, it came from the door! She went it there and discovered the other side – same as their house, with Other Father and Other Mother with button eyes. It’s another world, where she is happy, she can eat delicious food, like everything is perfect but it is merely an illusion that lures her by that cunning witch (the other mother).

The movie is a nice and accurate presentation of the book! It really scared the hell out of me the time where the witch’s hand is stalking Coraline and the key (for the small door), I was standing up and down in the nervousness and excitement although I already know what will happen next.

Thumbs up.

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