Expect the UNexpected

Remember that I joined another bookstore (National Book Store) online contest? (Sorry, I join a lot) I was excited and I am eager to have many likes since the first day. But then I felt tired and tried to relax a bit, after hours of relaxing, I checked my LIKE status, I am already left behind by almost 100+ Likes! I tried to keep up and but then, it is not enough.  I decided not to pursue anymore this contest because it is impossible to keep it up and I felt really tired of asking random people to ask favors for this. So in short, I gave it up, its not really a loss since I won already last May P2,000 worth of books from Powerbooks.

The last day, I am really sure that I lost that contest so I prayed to God and thanked His Blessings in my life, and also, albeit I am lost, there is still small hope on winning the NBS Choice. I put on my status in Facebook this:

I’ll just keep on praying and have faith.

Then I left home to visit my grandmother that day to forget it. I spent time talking to grandma because I really missed her! Then we got home and totally ignored our computer. I watched TV, random DVDs and then Late that afternoon, I opened my laptop and checked emails and also the… I didn’t know what happened next but I remember myself screaming and hugging my dad because of this:

Oh c’mon! I felt really blessed! I really did NOT totally expected to win the NBS Choice! But God really works in really mysterious way! He’s so awesome, right?! I can’t still believe it but yes, it is true!

Plans for the P2,000 GCs: I’ll use it on September — because there is Manila International Book Fair!

God is sooooooo good!

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One thought on “Expect the UNexpected

  1. Oh, so you’re ishay! Congratulations, btw, on winning the NBS contest!:)

    Forgive me, but I follow you at Twitter, but now I don’t remember if it’s bec you have a book blog or bec we met at one of the Flippers’ meetings. Have we? I’m Honey and I’m terrible with names. Anyway, it seems I haven’t added your blog to the list of Pinoy Book Blogs I made. Hope you don’t mind I add it now. Let me know. Thanks!

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