Sleeping Pills Can’t Kill You

A beautiful young woman named Veronika who almost have her life perfect in her hometown Ljubljana, Slovenia decided to end her life despite of her success in life. She ingested number of sleeping pills because she thinks that it is the best and most romantic way to die (rather than jumping from a building which is sort of gross).

It really took time for death to come… when it is dramatic. So decided to read a magazine while waiting for death. There’s an article about this CD-ROM game by Paulo Coelho with a introduction line, ‘Where is Slovenia?’. Then she decided to write a letter to justify her death.

In time, she felt not good, and lost her consciousness and thought that she is dead for sure but she woke up in pain in a place called Villete, a mental hospital.

Dr. Igor told her that the sleeping pills affected her heart that she will die in 5 days or so. She wanted to die in a instant but time goes so slow and had realizations that she spent her life afraid, hidden. She never done anything unusual, because she is afraid of what people might say. She lived by the opinion/plan of other people – her parents, friends, etc. In the mental hospital, she have done things that she thought she could never do but she did because she is free there. Free to laugh, cry, yell, play piano whole- heartedly, to reach orgasm, to slap someone, etc. She lived her life to the fullest in her last days.

People or rather, the inmates in the Villete where not actually insane or psychotic — especially Zedka, Mari and Eduard, their lives were affected by this woman, Veronika. They realized their own freedom and their plans outside Villete. That there is more to life than living in Villete, they had freedom inside the mental hospital, but it is also the same outside it.

You are unique just as God created different thumbmarks, no two things are alike. Human Being judge their fellow human being for being different, or rather being insane but innit awesome to be different and doing what you can do rather than just going with the flow? Isn’t that the thought everything is just the same, is insane?

Paulo Coelho, a well known Brazilian novelist of the Award-winning The Alchemist, wrote this novel Veronika Decides to Die partially based on his experiences in mental hospital (his mother taught that he’s struggling with a mental illness for wanting to be a writer).

Book # 25 for 2010

Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

Bookmarks: 3.5/4

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping Pills Can’t Kill You

  1. Hi Tricia! I have read this book as the topic for our Literary Criticism class and I thought it was wonderful then. The most memorable and important part (for me) is the one where Veronika suddenly dreads death and just wanted to get the most out of the days she has to live since she doesn’t have any choice. It tells people to value their time on earth and live like it’s their last. Carpe diem!

    • hello! it is really a wonderful one. :) me too, it really had an impact on me since I am just staying at home lately because I don’t have a job/license yet and all I did is surf the net. After reading this book, there is more than doing it! Time flies so fast and we have to use it, yeah, like our last. :)

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