The ninth installment of A Series of Unfortunate Events that lead Violet, Klaus and Sunny to their adventure after their hideous (again) and terrifying encounter at Heimlich Hospital with Count Olaf and his henchmen! They stumbled upon a carnival that is headed by Madame Lulu who is Count Olaf’s friend. She tells Count Olaf informations about the Baudelaire’s hiding place, the missing surviving parent and the Snicket File. How Count Olaf didn’t know that the Baudelaire Orphans are in the carnival as they are? The Baudelaire Orphans dressed up as disguised freaks! May I introduce to you the two-headed freaks, Beverly and Elliot, and Chabo the wolf baby using Count Olaf’s clothes! They are accepted at the carnival’s House of Freaks and almost pushed to the den of hungry lions. How did these children survived? They used mob psychology which resulted to chaos and instead of them get thrown to the lion’s den, Madame Lulu and the bald henchman fell and devoured as lions’ snack.

The Carnival is burned down and Count Olaf and the henchmen went to Mortmain Mountains to find the Baudelaire’s surviving parent but then Count Olaf discovered that the two-headed freaks and the wolf baby are the Baudelaires! Count Olaf managed to escape with Sunny while Violet and Klaus are left behind in a trailer caravan. Will the Baudelaire Orphans will be together again?  Just another unfortunate event for these orphans.

Book # 24 for 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Carnivorous Carnival by Lemony Snicket

Bookmarks: 3/4

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