Notes on Good Omens

I am almost 250 pages away to the end of the book and so far, I am half-enjoying it and half-annoyed with it. No offense to the Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the authors of the book, but really I want to know why they made this book in the first place. It’s such a sensitive issue to write about angels and demons, heaven and hell, the revelations, the armageddon and even the Divine plan in humor.

Here’s some things that disturbed me… a lot. Oh well, a lot of the points in the books contradicts on what I believed in. or maybe because this is just FICTION. but it disturbs me. So here goes my notes/opinions.

• There was this fast-living yet stupid demon named Crowley and this compromised-and-easily-tempted angel named Aziraphale. I didn’t get much the idea of a demon and an angel like being in relationship as friends or else like helping each other to find something. It’s just weird, telling people through humor that this is possible.

• Sensitive issues of the birth of the Antichrist. But then, this stupid demon Crowley, was unable to track where the hell is this Antichrist. Funny to think that they [nuns] misplaced him the time he was sent to the earth. haha.

• Another thing, the authors named the Antichrist as Adam. Specifically Adam Young. Yeah, just the evil nun there said, ‘Adam, the one from the Bible’. Isn’t a slap on the face to Christians that naming Adam, the first human created by God in His Image and then naming it for the Antichrist for the sake of humor? Funny innit? I don’t think so.

• I wasn’t giving much thought before about Satanic Nuns. Oh well, in the story, they are really stupid for mistakingly misplaced Adam. Well, I thought they are good in doing evil things but then they just failed in their mission on switching those babies with the Antichrist.

• There was a dog sent from Hell to find his master Adam. Then this dog is named DOG. He really gave effort on looking for name, huh?

• Crowley and the creatures underground (or let’s call them the other demons) communicate through music. And most of them are from album of Queen. I am never wrong with my speculations about the song Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s really demonic or in some ways. Just like how Freddie Mercury died of AIDS.

• another one is that, Angels don’t steal. or compromise their faith over those wordly things. Yeah. Aziraphale almost fell over to sin, or he really did fell? He stole the Book Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, witch from Anathema! You know, angels are soldiers of Heaven. They know which is good and which is not good, or yeah, EVIL.

• One more thing, Crowley pointed out how cool to be in Hell – they’ve got good music, the gadgets, the pleasure while in Heaven there’s none. HOW CAN HE KNOW? Oh, I just forgot, devils are good in tempting Christians – or people. But then again, you should not fall into temptations. Have your faith in the Lord.

There’s no much notes noted from the book. I wasn’t paying attention much now that I read it during the stormy night without a decent light. Oh well. Will just finish the book and will update this entry.

*if you find me religion-fanatic pathetic little kid, I won’t blame you. We may don’t have the same belief but then again, it’s my opinion so better shut your mouth before you start blabbering me your point. I am not really here to argue.

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3 thoughts on “Notes on Good Omens

  1. … I think you should read the book again.

    I’m not saying your opinions are wrong, as opinions tend to be true to those who write them, but I’m thinking that maybe you closed off your mind as soon as you read the first few chapters.

    Good Omens is, yes, a book full of humor. But it doesn’t really make fun of the Christian beliefs. I’ve read it a couple of times, and I don’t see how the book disrespects Christianity and all its beliefs. The way I read it, it shows how everyone, angels and demons included, make mistakes. And maybe, if everyone works together (regardless of social/economic/racial/religious background), then the world can be an okay place to live in.

  2. I guess your right. I’ve judged the book by its first few pages. Yes, the book is full humor but still, maybe for you, you didn’t see any disrespect – but for me, there are few but not all. Just some points. But anyway, it’s a good read.

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