Curtain is back!


Something terrible just happened! Really, really terrible that I myself was terrified, petrified, astounded, afraid of what happened! If you read my last post, you may found out that Mr. Benedict’s long-lost evil twin Ledroptha Curtain managed to escape from the hands of the Mysterious Benedict Society after destroying his evil plans (The Whisperer) and now he taking his revenge on them! How? Mr. Nicholas Benedict and Number Two are kidnapped the time they are supposed to have their anniversary celebration! Good thing Mr. Benedict prepared a surprise trip (supposed to be) for these kids where in the end, they will meet to celebrate. But for now, since everything is spoiled by this evil Mr. Curtain, these kids track where Mr. Curtain and Mr. Benedict might be hiding. Gotta squeeze those brains to come up an answer for those riddles/clues (prepared by Mr. Benedict)! What danger these children may face again? Will they be able to save the lives of Mr. Benedict and Number Two? Or Mr. Curtain will succeed with his evil plans?

UPDATE: I finished this book yesterday (July 11, 2010) and felt really sad, not because of the story, but because I have to say goodbye to the series for a while! I’m still waiting for a paperback copy of the third book – The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Oh well, I am not really sad about the story because there’s no reason to be sad! Oh but I felt sadness during the course of their adventure because they are captured by Mr. Curtain, twice/thrice! I felt so hopeless that time because there’s no escape for them! really! If I’m on their situation – hungry, no bath/shower for 3 days, beaten-up, and even afraid what danger might come next – maybe, I fainted before the journey begins! But I salute these children for being able to save Mr. Benedict and Number Two! and also to Milligan, Captain Noland and Cannonball for the help but too bad, Mr. Curtain got escaped again with those dust-thwarts (plants that looks like dustworts – believed to cure narcolepsy) but then again, its the least of their worries now that the authorities know about Mr. Curtain.

Book #21 for 2010

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey by Trenton Lee Stewart

Bookmarks: 4/4 stars

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