American Gods

AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman

I bought this book last March, during the last days as a nursing student and during the time that Neil Gaiman visited here in the Philippines. This book serves as a prize for my self for doing a great job on my duty (and for a having a major case) and of course because I can’t see Neil Gaiman, I’ll just pleasure myself with his books. And by the way, year 2010 is my Gaiman year so I’ll read as much I can of his books. So far, I’ve read Coraline, The Eternals (graphic novel) and American Gods. I recently bought Good Omens last June and still on my TBR pile for this month along with my copy of Smoke and Mirrors. I still have half of the year to buy and read the rest of his books, and I am totally loving how he writes. My favorite book is Anansi Boys, because I don’t like spiders — Mr. Nancy is the West African spider god who is also mentioned in the book American Gods.

Anyway, this book is about Shadow with a past. He’s in prison and by the time he was set free and excited to meet his wife, Laura, he met a guy in gray suit with a name of Mr. Wednesday who is offering him a job that will change his life forever.

I read this book but I was stuck in the last 150 pages because I was so busy with NLE review and mom won’t allow me to touch any of my books! But, at last, I finished this book yesterday.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman, trade paperback – 3.5/4 stars

Book #18 for 2010

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One thought on “American Gods

  1. hey your blog rocks! Galing san mo kinuha yung theme? and by the way yung fables dapat rated 18 wahahah!

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