Yes! I am ready!

After long days, weeks and months of reviewing for the Nursing Licensure Exam, the day has come! For exactly 4 months of in-house review + SRG review and Final coaching, I can say to myself that, ‘Yes, I am ready for the boards’ because I know God is with me through the ups and downs of nursing college life, graduation and also during the review. He never failed me and He continues to guide me in everything I do.

During the SRG review here at Las Pinas branch, I met people whom I don’t really knew. We may not be close to each other but somehow we feel the belongingness within the group. And yes, that’s our block — BLOCK 3.

Oh well, thanks to our awesome RA (Review Advisers) Sir Andy and Sir Jed! They are always positive and believe that we will not just pass the board exams but to TOP THE BOARD EXAMS.

Yesterday, Mom and I went to PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) at Morayta just to buy only one frakkin’ mailing envelope because I bought a fake one when we passed our application forms and requirements for the boards! And then we went to my assigned school for the boards. I’m assigned at J. Zamorra Elementary School at Quirino St., Pandacan, Manila with my SJ friends Ivan and Hazel. I thought it is hell far from home but it’s just near San Juan de Dios! The school’s fine but the only problem I have tomorrow will be the hot weather! The room have only two electric fans (stands, not the ceiling fans) to sustain the breeze-ness in the room (is there a word such as breeze-ness? Spare my  english, please).

Then we went to Mall of Asia to buy BUTTERBALL for me to eat during the exam. Why? It is adviced to have some candies because sugar or glucose is needed by the brain during exam for energy. And, I’ve already ate 10 butterballs yesterday. Hello, dental cavities.

So tomorrow will be the first day. Must be at the testing site before 6.30am wearing my clinical uniform. Three exams on the first day will be given.

First day (July 3, 2010)

7:00 – 7:45 am     General Instructions/ Filling up of Forms

8: 00 – 10: 00 am         NPT 1

11:30 am – 1:30 pm     NPT 2

2:30 – 4:30 pm              NPT 3

Then on the second day (July 4, 2010)

8: 00am – 10: 00 am   NPT 4

11: 30 am – 1: 30 pm   NPT 5

So just this morning, my cellphone NOKIA N95 gave up on me. I don’t have a cellphone anymore. Sucks. But this maybe a sign of a new spankin’ cellphone. Hope it is Nokia E61. LOL

God bless to all NLE July 2010 takers!

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