YAY! I won the…

The picture of my Bookshelves, books and I won the third place (with 851 Likes!). Above all things, I thank God who gave me this blessings, the competition, the honesty I have throughout the contest, the family and friends support! Can you imagine how many people liked my photo?! 851! It’s a lot! Man, all of my family, relatives, friends and even strangers helped me to win this. Especially my brothers, John and Jezer, who gave up their internet gaming time just to ask their friends and others to like my picture. Thank you talaga!

LOL parang nanalo ako sa lotto o beauty contest kung makapag-thank you. Pero, for real, I am overwhelmed by the fact the most of my friends really helped me with this thing. I realized that they are real friends that I can keep forever (echos). Just awesome, you guys!

If you wanna see the actual announcement of the winners, click this LINK

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One thought on “YAY! I won the…

  1. I like your happy post and am happy for you :)

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