Busy Bee

It’s been a week of not posting anything here. I’ve been busy studying and reviewing for the board exams (LOL WHUT) and haven’t even updated my online life and accounts for a while.

Just wanted to announce that I didn’t made it at the Free Comic Book Day and God wants to tell me that I must focus myself in studying because I am a July Board Exam Taker.

Last May 5 (Wednesday), my close, high school friends met up online — actually, I wasn’t online that time and I find way to be. Just missed them so much. :|

We had our webcam but Mella don’t but at least, we have each other!

Then yesterday, after having my papers/PRC requirements notarized, I went to Mall of Asia — to buy mom a mother’s day gift – LOL, I know it’s too early but I won’t be having my money these coming days so I bought it and gave it to her already.

It’s Alba Botanica French Lavender Body Wash which I bought at Healthy Options. Yeah, I am addicted to Alba Botanica (I just bought one last month) and I found this Lip Balm (and its also Alba Botanica!) and it’s cherry flavor. Actually, there are many Lip Balm there with various flavors and SPFs and this one has SPF 15 to protect my lips from drying (and I am really prone to it, I am dehydrated most of the time). It’s just awesome. I am planning to buy an Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and an Alba Botanica Lotion next week. Yeah. LOL

Last one, I’ll be filing my application this coming Wednesday. Oh God, hope lines won’t reach the other road’s overpass.

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