Chickens also have… feelings, Y’know?

Disclaimer: Don’t eat Fried Chickens or any chicken food while reading this.

I was reading Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan (a.k.a komikero) and it is my first time (errrr.. second — I read Where Bold Stars go to Die three days ago) and I find my self amused and laughing as I turn the pages. Chickens as protagonists in the story intrigued me, WHY CHICKENS? Because chickens are just plain awesome. and funny too. and paranoid as they can be.

ELMER shows the world where in chickens acquired and learned how to speak, how to write and how they got the rights to be treated as humans. So you might be thinking that there will be no more Chicken Joys or KFC’s for you.

WHO THE FCK IS ELMER? He’s a chicken. A talking chicken. An intelligent chicken. He lived before chickens are treated as humans and yes, he surpassed the trials and witnessed the difficult lives of chickens — being killed, beheaded, fried and eaten. What a sad fate for those chickens.

You’ll never know how bloody those days are…. but good thing that it stopped. If you kill a chicken, you’ll be charged as a murderer, a chicken murderer!

Anyway, I found myself guilty. Not only of EATING CHICKEN JOY OR KFC’s but also of… KILLING them. OHGOODGODHAVEMERCY. I killed a chicken way back when I was in my 4th year in High School. During our CAT at school, we had our sort-of survival chorva thing and killed a live chicken. Good Lord, I beheaded a chicken. Yes, So I am guilty. But, since United Nations have not declared yet that the chickens are part of the human race, I can’t be imprisoned for what I’ve done four years ago. So I’m sorry, chickens.

Well, I can hear my brother laughing over why Jake Gallo wasn’t accepted on a job… because he’s a chicken. LOL

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3 thoughts on “Chickens also have… feelings, Y’know?

  1. Thank you very much. :) I was part of killing a chicken myself once. I couldn’t do it myself so I was just asked to hold on to the wings. I was warned to hold on tightly to the wings because the chicken will struggle for its life to get free. Well, as the chicken was being beheaded and blood was squirting, my knees went weak and I let go as the chicken struggled. It got away and ran, it’s head dangling down the side of the neck. Gave me nightmares!

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