Spent the night with awesome High School buddies at SM Bacoor. Tracy just got home from Canada along with his boyfriend Daniel CZERNYANSZKI. Yes, it’s all capitalized. Can you see how complicated and how difficult it is spelled?! Weng even had series of trials to rewrite the whole surname without seeing the actual spelling. And that can be really really difficult. LOL

Yesterday, we watched movie but before that we had a get-together the day before! We met at SM Bacoor around 7pm and the time we each other, we’re like screaming scandalously outside the National Bookstore. Haha. And the next thing I know is I am bleeding while talking with Daniel. Haha. We had pictures but my phone deleted the messages and pictures in it so that’s the end of the story.

Then yesterday, I went shopping! I bought 3 shirts. I need many clothes this summer review at SRG. and then we watched the movie CLASH OF THE TITANS (last full show) and the hell, it’s AWESOME! Man, I am a sucker for Greek Mythology.

Well, we’ll be meeting again this Saturday! Whoa. <3

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