Since the Komikon is happening at U.P. Diliman and it is hell too far from where I live, I managed to attend because I slept over at my cousins’ house at Quezon City! Awesome.

My cousin, Dani, has new two Diary of a Wimpy Kid at home so I read it while staying with them. Hell, it’s so funny!

Bookmarks: 5/5

At the Komikon, we (Ate Ayen, Danielle, Gab and I) just stayed there for an hour, I guess. So much crowd at the Comic Odyssey booth as well as Visprint! Man, Manix Abrera is now famous among the Filipinos. And then, I was able to buy Elmer and Where bold stars go to die by Gerry Alanguilan and met him too! Well, its funny because he looked at me weirdly when I gave him the copies to sign. I asked him why thru twitter:

Anyway, in a long hour of roaming around the UP Bahay ng Alumni, particularly at the Comic Odyssey booth — I wasn’t able to find HARLEY QUINN COMICS (only one!). Oh sadness. Dani also wasn’t able to find SPACE CIRCUS COMICS that she wanted. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY. But, they are happy to buy CDs of anime and some K-POP. Me, I am happy too! Look at the picture!


Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan
Where bold stars go to die by Gerry Alanguilan and Arlanzandro C. Esmeña
Harley Quinn #1
Eternals by Neil Gaiman
Ang alamat ng Panget and Many Others by Apol Sta. Maria

I wish I bought ’12’ by Manix and Andong Agimat by Arnold Arre!

By the afternoon, we went to Bookay-Ukay and I bought Alamat ng Panget and Many Others. We didn’t buy any other books because the books that I wanted are kindda same with the leading bookstores prices.

That’s all.

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