Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw by Jeff Kinney

Uhhhh… Everyone, I think, is sort of aware who is this kid, right? His name is Greg Heffley, he is sort-of wimpy but he thinks himself a great, almost-perfect kid in the middle school. Well, he just thought of that. The story started at Christmas when he received a laundry hoop which made him do his own laundry (oh. that sucks!) and  he’s not just a wimp, he’s also a lazy butt! He don’t do the laundry.

Then when the school days end, Greg is planning how to spend his VACATION but his father is fed up with the laziness and wimpy ways of Greg, his father decided to enroll him to a military school — Union spag — but Greg enrolled himself to different activities like SOCCER and BOY SCOUT to make show his father that he don’t need to go to military school if he can do these activities. But Greg never liked any of those either! (He’s such a wimp, I know)

He was never sent to the military school because Greg saved his father from humiliation (read the book to find out how! It’s funny!)

And the story ended when a girl named Trista said ‘Hi’ to Greg (because he failed to impress Holly). Just as that!

Bookmark: 4.5/5

And then, last night, my best bud Jemah and I watched the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie starring Zachary Gordon as Greg and the cute Robert Capron as Rowley.

The story is about their first day in the middle school — he wants to be the CLASS FAVORITE but the fame he wants is what Rowley got. He is frustrated with everything but he moved on–, the story of the swiss cheese and the cheese touch, about friendship and a whole lot a wimpy-ness! LOL

Nice movie, though.

Bookmarks: 4.5/5

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