REWARDED part 2.

After eight hours of intensive comprehensive review in Nursing Leadership and Management at school, Megan and I went to Mall of Asia because I have to Cash out my G-Cash. Since G-Cash system is still down until 6pm, we have to wait one more hour. What the hell, like yesterday, the Globe MOA Branch made us wait yesterday until 6pm too! But of course, we did not wait. But today, we did. While waiting, we ate Italian Fro-Yo at White Hat! Yeah, I know it is very expensive but I have a coupon from a planner which is Buy One, Take One! So we ought to try it.

I had Oreos and Megan had Manggoes. Well, we both LOVE Fro-Yo! Sabi ni Megan, parang Yakult daw. Well, yeah, partly. But I really love the taste of the Yogurt alone. Hope to have myself another cup of Fro-Yo. Then after that, we went to Globe and had my G-Cash Cashed-out.

And by the way, we happened to pass by the store Healthy Options, which I planned to visit before but I always forget to because I often go straight ahead to bookstores, and then I bought myself a very emollient Alba Botanica body wash which I really really really love! It was given to us last 2008 Christmas  and I didn’t have any chance to find where it is sold so I am so happy being able to find one for myself. It’s is only P249! I love it because it wakes up my senses every morning. Really. And it is minty and cool. Awesome.

At home, Mom gave me a sparkling new Coca-Cola hardbound notebook! *rolls happily* and I really loved it! She got 3 and she is giving one to me and to my cousins. Just Awesome.

Thank You, Lord for the shower of blessings for two straight weeks!

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