So after two days of BORING, NEVER-ENDING Community Health Nursing (CHN) review last Friday to Sunday which lasted until 7pm and also with my duty at CAA 10-6 shift, I thank God! I am still alive! Even though I didn’t had enough sleep, I have awesome blessings that came which are:

1. One Actual Delivery that makes all my 25 cases complete! (Yay! I am taking July Board Exams!)

2. One book (Manga One Piece Vol#4) sold to a kid from Manila

3. Got my Hero Shirt from Juan Country

Since that BORING CHN is now OVER (hooray! hooray!), we are now to have Nursing Jurisprudence and Leadership Management Nursing this week but unfortunately, the reviewer did not show up. So to make use of our time, we hunted our clinical instructors to sign our green book (which is a very difficult thing to do. Really.) and unfortunately again, the certain clinical instructors I am looking for were not present that time. By around 1pm, I asked Megan to go with me at Mall of Asia to unwind.

Life’s just awesome.

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