Confusion took its toll on me. But not anymore.

Confusing. I studied very well but then I did not achieved the score that I wanted. I scored lowly as 69 in an 110 items in Pediatric Nursing. Why exams is so hard on me? Despite of studying 2-3 NLE Review books as well as my notes, I still failed to pass. Paano na ako sa board exams nito? I feel doomed. I feel depressed. I feel so down and anything underneath it. Lord, guide my life. I give you all my faith and trust.

Anyway, despite of the low scores, the good thing is… I AM A SERVICE AWARDEE! I don’t have any idea how or why am I one of the Service Awardee but I still thank whoever nominated me as one! Totally made my day. :)

In addition to that, we attended the Recognition Program and missed the morning part of the Pedia review (concepts that are included the 80% of the Pedia pre-boards) that’s why my scores are low.

I still thank God! <3

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