The Minds of Billy Milligan

The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes

I found this book interesting because I met people who are mentally ill when I was assigned in National Center for Mental Health. Because of that, I learned to emphatize with them. I care for them too. Since Billy Milligan is the second person diagnosed with Multiple Personality disorder after Sybil (which is interesting to know that he is also the first to be NOT GUILTY WITH MAJOR CRIMES DUE TO INSANITY), it is still a mystery to me HOW 24 personalities differ when they only have one brain! Just pretty insane, innit? Anyway, I loved the book eventhough Billy Milligan’s life is such a tragedy.

Well, I thank my friend, Leizel Tan, for lending this book and for letting it circulate to every book lovers, book readers and crazy people in school.

Bookmarks: 4/5

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