Caffeine overdose

Again and again, last night, I just panicked all over because I thought that we are having a quiz on Pediatric Nursing tomorrow (which is today) and I have not started on anything and I kept on procrastinating, eating manggoes and tweeting! And again, I kept on playing with my phone’s camera and taking pictures in different angles (so, feeling photographer ako) but then after few minutes, I started on reading my notes and Pedia books. I enjoyed it na nga but then, my dad asked me to accompany him to go to Makati to fetch mom. I was like, WHAT the F, I have to study tons of notes but I was left no choice but to go. Anyway, I have to buy Dark Chocolates because I am in a massive need of glucose for my brain to function.

In the car, I tried to read the NLE reviewer book but I felt dizzy and all, I stopped. I slept nalang.

At Makati, I went to Mini Stop, bought a cheap Goya Dark Chocolate and man, it costed me P22! Haha. FML. Pricey eh?! I also bought Hershey Ice cream. Mom also bought a tumbler of Mocha Coffee. Man, I am full.

On the way home, we bought McDonald’s.

Imagine how full my stomach is with McDonald’s Nuggets and Fries, Goya Dark Chocolate, Hershey Ice cream and half-tumbler of Mocha coffee.  I wasn’t able to study because I feel groggy and dizzy (Overdose of caffeine) and I felt palpitations. I vomited a little before going to sleep. I was scared to stay up late because I might collapse or feel sick. So I decided I’ll be up by 4am in the morning but FML, I woke up 6am. I didn’t review for the quiz but THANK GOD, I misheard the information about the quiz. It will be given on Monday. LOL

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