Yes, I am reading these. I am reviewing. Which is sort-of new to me. It has taken its toll on me. Man, I want to sleep now. But I can’t because we have an examination tomorrow.

Topics discussed in Fundamentals in Nursing

1. Arterial Blood Gas and analysis

2. Nutrition – CHO (carbs), CHON (protein) and CHOO (fats), Vitamins and Minerals

3. Sleep and Rest including the different sleeping disorders

4. Wound. Wound types. Drainages. Gauzes.

5. Perioperative Nursing – Preoperative nursing and Intraoperative nursing

6. Anesthesia.

All of that in a day. Got to go, mom’s here. She will be angry if she caught me surfing the net. Tee-hee.

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2 thoughts on “School!

  1. tricia, san ka nag do-dorm? di ka na ulit nagparamdam :C tapos na ba yung review mo? ingat!

    • Hindi na ako magrent ng dormitory kasi I changed where ako magrereview. :) Yung in-house review namin is up until March30 pa.

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