So  it’s start of our in-house review at school and it really took up most of my time. We have to stay 8am to 5pm from Sunday to Saturday of the whole month of March and three more weeks in the month of April. CAN YOU FEEL WHAT I FEEL? it’s like… NO MORE SOCIAL LIFE FOR ME. Anyway, I’m so busy last friday because I had my duty in Sampaloc, Manila and fuck yeah, we stayed there until 10:30pm because of the Cesarean operation (that started late) and what the hell, I came home 11:45pm. And see, I have to up by 5:30am to prepare for our review class. I hate waking up early when I slept very late.

In our review class, we are asked to bring a RECORD BOOK, the one used in log-in, log-out of whatever things used by the security guards or in the hospital. We don’t know yet what the hell what are we going to do with it but I guess we will be using it as our notebook for review class and that guess didn’t failed me. The heck, I wish I bought a more decent notebook than this, I hate the paper, it is so thin that when I use a gel pen, babakat siya ng tatlong pahina. So I have to use lesser mm size of pen. Gah. And yes, as you see, I covered it with comic pages. I wasted another comic book, catwoman comics because I forgot to tell my brother to buy me something to cover it. Anyway, I loved how it turned out.

We’ve been discussing PSYCHIATRIC NURSING and MENTAL ILLNESSES for the whole days of Saturday and Sunday. Man, the reviewee is the bomb! She is so awesome. She really knows what she is talking about. I loved how she taught the main concepts of Psychiatric nursing and the mental illnesses in TWO DAYS. Can you believe it?!

Hmmmm, so far, I consumed 20 pages in during the discussion of psychiatric nursing. My favorite topic in this subject are the personality disorders or the neuroses. I always see myself as partly-antisocial, partly-obssessive-compulsive and partly-passive-aggressive type. Having those personality disorders are not really considered as psychotic or crazy or whatever you want to call, it is just maladaptive behaviors utilized by the person to gratify his or her own needs.

Anyway, we are finished with Psychiatric nursing so we will discussed Fundamentals of Nursing tomorrow (I think, for the whole week, I am not sure).

I have to study more so I will top the Nursing Licensure Exam! Haha Ambitious much.


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One thought on “REVIEW = NO SOCIAL LIFE

  1. Hey Ms. Futuristic, you done a great choice and by the way good luck, I love to tackle about personality disorder soon. Added by Dual personality or persona or whatever. Good day and have a nice vacation I mean review!

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