I am still sane. The way crazy people think they are still sane and the normal people are insane. Pretty insane, huh?

Reading the book The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes takes the creep out of me. If you are aware of Sybil or the mental disorder called Multiple Personality Disorder, then you understand what the hell I will talk about here. I am not yet finished with the book but good God, he really twisted my mind and I was like cussing and surprised as I turn every page (I don’t exaggerate, mkay?)!

William Stanley Morrison or Billy Milligan is the second person who was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder (Sybil’s the first) and the first to proven not guilty of major crimes due to insanity. What’s shocking with his condition? Insanity, mental disorders, schizophrenia and personality disorders are normal, or let’s say, they are numerous in mental hospitals but in Billy Milligan’s condition, he has TWENTY-FOUR, yes, 24, personalities in him.  It’s quite numerous, like a whole barangay in you. Aside from that, he’s abused, sexually and physically by his goddamn stepdad, Chalmer Milligan, that’s why he was shattered into 24 parts.

I keep on pondering how this can be possible? The human mind is so complicated that I keep on thinking on his condition works makes me insane. It’s described in the book that one of the personalities there stood on what they called the ‘spot’ which is on a stage with a big headlight focused on while the rest of the personalities are gathered around the stage either sleeping or watching and that personality holds the consciousness (let’s put it this way, he/she is the one in contact with the people outside Billy’s body).  And addition to curiosity, these personalities have distinct abilities, talents and accent that the others don’t have. They didn’t know each other! Some are hidden, some are not. HOW CAN THAT BE?! They have the same mind, same consciousness, same anatomy, same brain and nerve cells.

I… must… not… think… It makes me insane. Haha. Just Kidding.

Anyway, out of the 24 personalities, I like the most is ALLEN. He’s the front man, the one that is usually on the spot because he is good in talking to people and cunning and is good in painting.

I just also found out that Billy Milligan’s life has a script (hoping for a movie) written by James Cameron. Just awesome, right?

Anyway, back to reading.

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