Books FML.

My room’s a mess, I know. So, I decided to arrange and fix everything. For the past two months, I promised myself that yes, I am gonna start fixing things there because books are lying everywhere. Yes, I do NOT have bookshelves and I put them either on my table or one of the four boxes (which are all already full). Since every time I go to a mall, I go to bookstores and buy 2-3 books. And now what, I don’t even know where the hell am I gonna put these books in my room. I’ve had more or less twenty attempts to clean the room but yet, unsuccessful, not until today. FML. I just realized I have had bought too many books last year! More or less 200 books (excluding the academic/nursing books).

The picture above shows the pile of books lying on my bed. Yes, it’s on my bed. That’s the primary reason why I don’t sleep in my room. I don’t even know where to place them anymore. Actually, most of these books are for sale and I don’t mix it with my personal collection.

Then, here’s the three boxes of books I have in my room and this includes the novels, series, YA books, comics and nursing books… and also some papers and handouts and journals from school are all there, too.

Since our in-house review and board exams are coming, I ready myself dig my nose onto nursing books so I put all nursing books out of the boxes and put it on the table, I am planning to read them in the future… yeah, in the future. LOL

After an hour of transferring and transferring and transferring and tweeting (ooopps!) and cleaning and cleaning the room, there is success in arranging the room, somehow.

The success of cleaning the room and the pile of books. The room is not really that clean clean but somehow it is arranged and I am able to fit all the books in 4 boxes! Hurrah! for that! At least mom will not bug me everyday on arranging the books in my room.

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