The Hunger Games by the New York Times Bestselling Author Suzanne Collins.

I first heard of this was on Manila International Bookfair last year wherein they held a game (which I didn’t have a clue what did they did there) and I read little of reviews over the net and had the impression of it as thrilling and more like reminds me of the story Battle Royale (a Japanese film that involves a class brought to an arena and kill each other to death and only one winner is to announce). Well, it really had the same line-up: Students/Children, Arena, Killings and being aired on TV or rather know in the media but the only that differs is the romance between the protagonists Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Meelark which involved too much affection and kissing (which is I think is only a front act and IT REALLY CONFUSED ME IF PEETA REALLY HAVE FEELINGS FOR KATNISS, you know, boys can be really that confusing when it comes to this) where there are like only fourteen years old or less and they were kissing and all?! Haha.

Anyway, the Games has the rule to have only ONE victor, only ONE but the audience favored the ‘star-crossed lover at the fighting arena’ front act and they go gaga over those mushy and intimate conversation between them and alas, the people behind the Games announced that two people can win the Games and must be in the same District (both of them are from District 12) and awesome-sauce they were and all.

In the end, of course, they won (expect that because this is a trilogy and no protagonist will continue a trilogy when they died on the first book — do I make a sense here?) and I was eating pizza while typing this and it accidentally and clumsily escaped my hand and it landed on the floor (clumsiness attacked). Sayang ang pizza, okey but I still ate it. Wala pang 5 minutes. LOL. Kidding aside, this book took me more or less 2 months reading and resting (because I am busy with school — hell yeah for that) and now I am able to finish it! Hooray for that.

Bookmark: 3/4

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