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I don’t really know if it really works when you see that the clock hits 11:11, people are making their wishes, More or less they are expecting it to come true.  I never tried it or tried wishing over a clock that hard (that most of the people on tumblr do) because I didn’t have the chance to see 11:11 on the clock and of course, I am not waste my time wishing and wishing and wishing. I just don’t want to let my hope rise up and then this wishing will soon fail me.

But last night (or the other night? I don’t remember!), it happened accidentally that I took a glimpse of the time and it was 11:11! I was like hurrying and panicking and telling myself ‘Fuck, make a wish! Make a wish! Quiiiiiiiiiiiickly!’ Then I made a wish something related to my love life (Pathetic, I am) but I changed my mind and wished for a passing grade for this Finals and I looked over if it is still 11:11, but then it showed 11:12! I was wondering if my wishes were counted or  failed me half-second of the time or whatever.

Funny to think that I don’t conform with such things but when these things come accidentally, I was panicking and all! LOL

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