HEART’s Week

February 8 – 12, 2010.

San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc. (College) celebrated the Valentine’s season this month of February through I LOVE HEART’S WEEK, a joint project of Student Council Board, Red Cross Youth Council and Office of Student Affairs.

On the First Day (Monday), we had Blood Letting Program. HOOOORAY! I was able to donate 350 cc of my very own Type A blood for the VERY FIRST TIME! I AM A BLOOD DONOR! YEEEEEEEEES! I AM A BLOOD DONOR!!!

Then on the Third Day (Wednesday), we had a symposium entitled ‘Cancer can be prevented too’ at the Zulueta Function Room with our speaker, Dr. Jesus Trix Ponsaran. The room is jam-packed with fellow nursing students from Levels I-IV!

Then on the Fourth Day (Thurday), we, RCYC officers (Gab, Racelyn, Ger, Mabs) and Josh were tapped to teach First Aid and CPR to the members of the faculty of Ann Arbor Montessor along with Sister Heidi de Facto, Mrs. Elizabeth Gregori and Mrs. Cleofe Banaria.

Then the Last Day (Friday), we had the Red Cross Youth Challenge: Amazing Race, Bingo and Acoustic Night.

Cute lang namin. HAHA

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