Planning and Doodling :)

This is my planner for this year 2010. I know, I have a Belle de Jour Planner (which I won in an online contest) and I gave it to mom. We exchanged, I love this planner more that the other (I am not saying that Belle de Jour is ugly or what, it is awesome too but it doesn’t fit me — I am not that girly-pink-lover type of girl). Mom got this Coca-Cola Zero planner in their office (Yes, she works in Coca-Cola) and every year they have awesome planners and I seized the opportunity to have this one! :)

I like it because it is simply black and white.

And FYI, this planner is also under belle de jour planners. Awesome, isn’t?

Anyway, as a person who always procrastinate and forget things to do, I write it here and sometimes, I make this a diary, a sketch pad, doodling pad, a photo album or anything that can be placed there that can be memorable or whatever.

Hihi. My doodles and whatever writings there are not that good but I think they’re cute — haha! because it is my work. :) Bear with me, alright? I am sort of inspired by Elisa and she doodles on her planner and I think it’s better that leaving blank pages (I don’t write on them sometimes).

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