Hero. It’s a big word and sounds like a big responsibility for a person but it doesn’t matter. No matter what size, gender, height, weight or whatever a person can be, he or she still can be a hero, that includes me and all of the Filipinos as well.

How can one be? There is no specific ways on how to be one. As long as you love your country, you’ll never run out of ways how to be one.

For me, I can be a hero in my small ways that may help other people as well. I will cite three ways that I think of.

1. Promote the beauty of the Philippines. We know that the Philippines has experience terrible calamities (storms, floods and volcanic eruptions), no matter how great number they were and I can’t count them for you, the Philippines is still as good as ever. I often tour my friends and cousins (who are from the other side of the world) to places in Manila (especially the historical ones – Fort Santiago, Rizal Park and Manila Bay) and beaches and resorts. No, I am not being a tour guide here, It’s like boasting to them that it’s good staying here in the Philippines. Well, I am just proud.

2. I am future registered nurse (oh yes, I am graduating and will be taking the boards) and we know that most of the nurses now are going to Canada, Australia or USA to work and earn money. For me, it is better not to leave the country knowing that there are many Filipinos are suffering from diseases and there is scarcity of health volunteers to help them. Doing medical missions won’t hurt me (or even my wallet) and it makes me feel great whenever I participate, it is because I help them.

3. Political campaign and election. You can smell it in the air. Naglipana ang political advertisements telling how can they help the people, how poor they are or how they can transform the Philippines. I know it is our right to vote but we must do it in a correct way. No to flying voters, do not accept money in exchange to your vote. This applies to me, in the place where I lived before, USO YUN. People need money, we all know this but this is NOT the right way on how to obtain money, right?  To do correct this, watching and advising people in the neighborhood to vote the right way. Di naman masasayang ang laway ko kung pagsabihan ko sila. It’s better than to have a good-for-nothing political leaders.

Simple way it is, but it can help the country and the people.

Share your thoughts on being a hero at JUANCOUNTRY.COM and be inspired!

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  1. wow! a nursing student.. not planning to go abroad.. that’s good to hear..

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  3. hi! congratulations for winning on this contest! Apir!

    nga pala, Hope you could support my latest blog entry by just leaving a comment. Super thanks friend!

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