We waved our goodbyes to 2009 and WE NOW WELCOME 2010 with a RAAAWR!

My family and I welcomed 2010 with lots of food — Spaghetti, Fried Chicken, Meatballs, Macaroni Salad, Assorted Fruits and ALCOHOL. Haha. I totally forgot my so-called diet and indulged myself with the pleasure of eating.

Errrr. You may assume that we welcomed the year with fireworks, and any kind of patotots or what, but we didn’t. We just watched our neighbors’ fireworks at our veranda (and what’s the difference will it make? We’re just watching it too like them. duh) and eat and drink.

For two consecutive new years, we never used any kinds of fireworks. After the incident happened last 2008.

You just saw it. It’s kind of traumatic to our family. No wonder why they decided not to put up fireworks on new years — which is kind of sad (I am used to playing with Fireworks — ‘ung mga pailaw lang when I was a kid).

But it is alright! We enjoyed welcoming the new year with presence of each member of the family!

I thank God for another year and THIS YEAR’S GONNA BE A BLAST! THIS IS OUR YEAR!

I expect many many as in MANY good things will be happening this 2010!

I lost some, I gained some but in the end, it is just better than none.

God bless people!

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